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Program Overview

The digital landscape is a battlefield. Businesses and marketers struggle to break through the noise with tired social media strategies. Enter the Viral Content Model (VCM), developed by Brendan Kane and his team at Hook Point.

This innovative, data-driven approach has propelled content creators, from individuals to major corporations, to achieve remarkable results.

60 billion views100 million followers$1 billion in revenue

The VCM training offers a hands-on journey to mastering social media's complexities. It's not magic; it's strategy.

The numbers

The Impact of Social Media on Lead Generation


People worldwide use social media, with an average user spending 151 minutes on the platform per day (Statista).


According to Hubspot, 71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on a social media reference.


Of consumers trust social media reviews more than personal recommendations (BrightLocal).


Of customers are more loyal to brands with a social media presence (Datareportal).


69% of Americans said that communicating with a brand directly on social media increased their overall trust in that brand.


Of marketers agree that social media has boosted their business exposure and 75% link social media to increased website traffic (Social Media Examiner).

The VCM Program

A Modernized Blueprint for Success

Previously reserved for leading corporations and organizations, Hook Point is thrilled to announce that the coveted Viral Content Mastery Program is now available to ambitious individuals like you!

This program culminates over five years of research and development, backed by a multi-million dollar investment. It's been battle-tested across a wide range of clients, from solopreneurs to marketing managers and from burgeoning startups to billion-dollar corporations.

The program's success speaks for itself. With over $10 million in sales within just two and a half years, it's a proven way to enhance your digital presence and become a content creation powerhouse.

















Curriculum Highlights

  • Strategic Storytelling: Harness the science of story to captivate and engage on a global scale.
  • Viral Content Model (VCM): Master our proprietary VCM, a strategic blueprint for viral success.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Utilize analytics for strategic content creation and optimization.
  • Creative Leadership: Drive innovation and creative excellence within teams and organizations.

Module Insights


Foundations of Digital Influence and Viral Mechanics

Understand the core principles of viral content and the forces that drive shares and engagement.

Explore real-world case studies to learn from both viral successes and instructive failures.


Dissecting Viral Campaigns for Actionable Insights

Develop a keen eye for identifying viral potential in content formats and strategies.

Learn to deconstruct successful campaigns to uncover the key ingredients of virality.


Audience Psychology and Engagement Tactics

Deep dive into the psychology of online audiences and what makes them tick.

Master the art of crafting captivating content that resonates with your target demographic.


Ideation Techniques for Viral Content

Unleash your creative potential with proven brainstorming and ideation techniques.

Learn to generate a steady stream of high-concept content ideas with viral potential.


Crafting Compelling Narratives for Digital Platforms

Master the art of storytelling in a digital age, tailoring narratives for specific platforms.

Discover how to hook your audience from the first second and keep them engaged throughout.


Analytics and Performance Metrics for Viral Content

Go beyond vanity metrics and learn to track the data that truly matters for viral success.

Leverage analytics to optimize your content strategy and maximize engagement.


Ethical Considerations in Viral Marketing

Explore the ethical considerations of viral marketing and ensure your campaigns are responsible.

Learn to navigate the digital landscape with integrity while achieving your marketing goals.


Capstone Project: Orchestrating a Viral Campaign

Put your learnings into action by developing and executing a comprehensive viral campaign strategy.

Receive expert feedback and guidance to refine your strategy and maximize its potential for success.

Program Benefits

  • Understand and apply the Predictive Viral Content Model for content creation.
  • Align your brand's vision with content that resonates and engages.
  • Benefit from a rich pool of viral successes and instructive failures.
  • Master research and analysis to uncover what drives content performance.
  • Receive expert feedback to polish and perfect your digital strategies.
  • Develop captivating content formats and scripts that engage and resonate.
  • Leverage analytics to measure success and refine strategies for viral potential.

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